5 Factors to Consider When Choosing House Movers


Making the right decision before hiring house removalists is very important. For first timers though, it can get pretty confusing. This is more true for cities like Sydney where house movers are abundant and most offer a decent quality of service. House movers in Sydney, for example, are usually backed by good infrastructure and have enough movers to help with small removals. However, it is you who knows your requirements the best. To get the best house removal service, consider these 5 general factors to look out for.

Services offered

When we say removal services, the implications can be vast if we are not being specific. This can be the desired case sometimes when you want most of the general services associated with removals. Speaking of some specific removalist services, here are a few:

  • Packing supplies procurement.
  • Packing and unpacking services.
  • Partial loading and full loading options for moving vehicles.
  • Interstate removals.
  • Office infrastructure reinstallation services.
  • Temporary storage units.
  • Valet services.
  • End of lease cleaning services.
  • Pet removals.
  • Antiques removals.

The range of services offered is one of the primary factors that needs proper research before you hire a removal company. Ensuring that your house mover will give you all the necessary services and help you move completely is really crucial. Speak with different removalists and interview them about these things.

Make sure that you ask the removalists about the add-ons they provide. If you are moving with pets or if you have especially large furniture, many house movers provide special packages for these requirements. You may even require temporary storage solutions while you are on the move. Finally, many house movers also arrange cleaning companies to do your end of lease cleaning. These are added benefits that you can get if you choose a good house removals company.

As aforementioned though, house movers in Sydney and similar places often provide the complete range of removalist services. This is why the other factors become so important as well.


Pricing is one of the most, if not the most important parameters to look for in a removals company. House movers charge for their services on an hourly basis. It is important to go for a company who offers affordable yet not extremely cheap removal plans. This is because there is always a catch with these overly discounted removalists. Either the quality of service is very poor or there is something entirely missing from their list of services. For the missing service, they will charge you an extra amount which ends up defeating the entire purpose of the discount.

For this reason, it is necessary to gauge your options based on the prices that they are offering. Get multiple estimates and compare them. Choose the one that fits into your budget. It is also important to ensure that the quotations are free of any hidden charges or fees.

Good house movers will also advise you on how you can save costs. They will help you downsize your house and make the entire process much smoother in general. Downsizing is only one of the ways in which you can save money. Speak with your removalist to find out how you can move easily on a budget.


Experience is directly connected to the quality of service of the removalists. Experience also determines what the removalists will do in case of any unprecedented event. House movers who have been in the business for long enough know how to cut costs as well. They understand what the customers exactly want and thus offer hand-tailored packages.

Experienced house movers also have better infrastructure and a better moving staff. They have the ability to take the right calls in murky situations. If you are confused between two companies that offer the same price, seek out the more experienced one. In fact, experience can also trump the price factor if you are working on a flexible budget.

Since they have been in the scene for so long, seasoned house movers have seen the ups and downs of the removalist industry, They have witnessed the trends come and go and the ones that stuck around. For this reason alone, it is easier to trust them since they know exactly what will work and how it will work.


Another parameter that can help you make the right call when choosing removalists is their online reviews. Online reviews on platforms such as Google give a realistic insight into the kind of work that the house movers do. Written by real people who have experienced their services, you can easily judge which removalists are good for you and which ones should be avoided. Make sure that you don’t jump to the website of the house movers for these reviews since nobody posts bad feedback on their own websites.

Reviews extend far beyond the digital world. Offline referrals are also a great way of judging which house movers are good. Speak with your neighbours or other people you know about any good house removalists that they know of. Word of mouth is one of the strongest marketing tools out there.

Customer Service

The final parameter is also quite a crucial one. You can say that customer support is a part of the entire quality of service. As demands are increasing after the pandemic, more and more house removalists in Sydney are paying more attention to improving their quality of customer service. A friendly and agreeable team of movers as well as reliable and accessible customer support team are important factors to look out for in a house mover.

How the removalist treats its customers determines how much they value you and the business you are bringing them. It is always an ethical approach as well to provide customer support even after the removal is done. Customer satisfaction should be the topmost priority of any good house mover.

These 5 factors mentioned should be treated as a compound – all of them are important and the right mix is the key. Make sure that you give special attention to all of them and choose the house movers with proper caution and research.

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