Single Large-Item Moves


With Single Large-Item Moves, We Make Your Life Simpler

Not all moves involve the complicated process of truckload after truckload of boxes. Sometimes, you only need one or two large pieces such as pianos or sofas to be moved from one place to another. Why should you pay a huge amount to move one or two large items from one place to another? Trust CBD Movers Sydney, we have provided you with affordable and reliable services. We offer you an inexpensive way to handle your small moving tasks involving large items. We have the latest equipment that can secure, efficiently and easily move your belongings so that you can move on with your life. With our tools, we accept even the most challenging situations when it comes to piano move and more. No job too big or too small for CBD Movers. We make it easy for you because we offer reasonable prices and the lowest fees to move one item for our valued customers.

Single Items Movers Services In Sydney

We understand removals come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Whether you move a refrigerator, tropical aquarium, one-bedroom mattress or grand piano, we have a team of experts to perfectly handle single moving items that cannot be moved by courier service. Our experts have the expertise, experience and equipment needed to safely transfer your assets. If you are looking for help moving a single item, move heavy furniture from room to room or floor to floor even within the same building – contact us. We would be pleased to support you with this service.

How Does It Work?

  • Get an estimate for a single item move Sydney

-Please fill out our online form. Also, provide all the necessary information about your approaching move. Our representatives will give you a detailed estimate immediately. We may further change this quote by visiting your place. Rest assured, there are no secret costs!

  • Our Removalists Sydney Will Get In Touch

-A successful move starts with proper planning. Right from the start when you make the initial phone call or send your free estimate, we’re here and happy to help!

  • Do You Need Packing Supplies Or Moving Boxes?

-You need the right moving boxes even for a small move. If you’re looking for packing materials, please reach us! Even for the delivery of a single item, we ensure that your item gets the correct moving package. You can choose to provide your own packing supplies or ask us to provide them. We’re happy with both of them.

  • Enjoy The Best Moving Experience In CBD Movers Sydney

-CBD Movers Sydney team will put your items in your new home or office exactly where you want them. We are committed to satisfying customers at any cost. Let the professionals from CBD Movers show you why we are the best single item movers in Sydney. Call us or get an estimate online.