Checklist And Tips For Interstate Moving From Sydney To Melbourne


Planning your interstate move from Sydney to Melbourne, you must be excited! But in all this rush of feelings and hoopla, do not forget to make a few vital arrangements that can simplify your move. It can get very frustrating at the last moment, especially if you haven’t booked the services of a dependable interstate removalist. Here are a few tips that can help you make this move and the entire transition from Sydney to Melbourne quite smooth. Let’s begin:

Do Your Research Properly

It is always advised to do your research before you start packing your stuff. You will find significant differences between the two cities which are Melbourne and Sydney.


For example, Sydney residents do enjoy better weather as compared to Melbourne which receives a little more rainfall. Melbourne is a city of extremes which means that you will probably have a “love-hate” relationship with it. But this is exactly what makes this city way more exciting.


Melbourne has a very beautiful coastline and its natural beauty is what makes this city very unique. Even the cost of living in the city is around 11% cheaper as compared to that in Sydney.


When you compare the public transport facilities of both these cities, Melbourne is hands down the winner. Surprisingly you will get international cuisines from all over the world for way less than what you will have to pay in Sydney.

Now Let’s Begin With The Second Part Of Your Research – Finding The Right Removalist

You must focus on finding the most dependable interstate removalists from Sydney to Melbourne. You can begin by checking their online reviews and testimonials. Connect with them on their social media platforms and have a little conversation with their representatives.

Look out for removalists that are willing to be more flexible according to your availability and routine. Talk to your friends and relatives who may have used a packing and moving service in the past to find the best fit for your needs. Understand the difference between a local move and an interstate move because the latter is going to involve more costs.

  • How much should you be spending on this move?
  • What are the various costs associated with your move?
  • Should you accommodate or be more flexible to spending extra on this move?

Whether you are looking to hire a truck or move on your own, you must understand that there are expenses to both.

This Brings Us To An Important Step Which Is Price Comparison

Any moving and packing company that you hire in Sydney is going to create a checklist of all the potential expenses. You must have a look at that list as well. Here it goes:

  • The cost of renting a truck (it can be on an hourly basis or cargo weight and distance to be travelled)
  • The cost of hiring a professional company along with their staff members and moving vehicle
  • Packaging supplies such as boxes, padding, tape, wrappers, and sheets supplies for cleaning and preservation of your furniture pieces and carpets, and other belongings
  • The entire cost of travel for you and your family
  • Cost of gas, food, sanitary supplies
  • The cost associated with the vehicle, its maintenance, and oil change
  • Any unexpected repairs
  • Emergency costs and expenses related to accidents

Once you have taken note of all these aspects, you will have to invite quotes from different packing and moving companies around the city. You must compare at least 4 to 5 quotes to arrive at a well-informed decision. Some companies might prefer to work on an hourly basis while others would take into consideration the entire weight of your cargo and the distance travelled. In the end, it will be entirely your judgment as to which arrangement suits you the best and what proves to be more affordable for you.

Come Up With A Moving Budget

After researching all your options and making a price comparison, it is time to come up with a moving budget. The checklist mentioned above should be able to help you create a budget for your moving day. Contact the moving company whose quote suits you the best and get an appointment from them right away. Ask in detail about any probable hidden fee that they haven’t disclosed to you yet. Request them to come down to your property to assess the amount of cargo that you want to be relocated from Sydney to Melbourne. This way they will be able to give you a better estimate of the entire cost of the move.

Organizing Your Move Well In Advance

Organizing your move from one city to another is going to entail a lot of responsibilities. You will have to wind up your life from Sydney so that you can start afresh in Melbourne. Saying goodbye to your old home is not going to be easy. You will need to do the following as soon as possible:

  • Cancel your newspapers, magazines, cable TV, and OTT subscriptions
  • Get in touch with your grocery delivery person, mailman, garbage pickup truck, and other utility providers
  • Get your internet connection cancelled or transferred
  • Send out letters and emails to everyone notifying them of your change of address
  • Get connected with your insurance plan providers to transfer all your policies to Melbourne
  • Get hold of your family doctors and physicians to extract your medical records or get them transferred to Melbourne
  • You also need to update your car insurance and complete any legal formalities when moving from Sydney to Melbourne
  • Get connected with the internet and other utility providers in Melbourne to set up these services in your new home before you move in

Begin Your Pre-Packing Procedures

You Will Begin By Protecting Your Valuables

All your jewellery items, accessories, gadgets, and expensive possessions need to be segregated from other items. You must create a separate box or container for these items and use extra padding to protect them from breaking when you are in transit. You will also have to make sure that none of these boxes are left unattended or with the movers. Make sure to transport these valuable items yourself in your own vehicle.

Also, if you have decided to use a cardboard box, make sure to add extra soft material or padding so that they do not rattle and collide with one another resulting in breakage and damage.

Label them correctly and place them in your vehicle as a priority. Double-check whether you have them with you or not before you put the car into gear.

Transportation Of Flammable Materials

Usually, it is advised not to store your pressurized cans and bottles or any spirits on the moving truck. You should be carrying these items in your personal vehicle without covering them completely. Any pressurized bottles and fluids should be kept in an open container and this includes your deodorants, warnish, paint thinner, paints, and other similar items.

It also includes your batteries, nail polishes, and nail polish remover. These are usually a little risky to transport but only if you hand them over to a careless packing and moving professional. It is advised to keep them with you but away from your kids at all times.

This Brings Us To The Question Of Differentiating Between Essential And Non-Essential Items

Let’s Explain Them With A Few Examples

Your Bedroom

  • Your customised mattress for back pain (essential)
  • Large mirror with dressing table (non-essential)
  • LED bulbs and side lamps (essential)
  • Extra pair of side tables (non-essential)

Your Kitchen

  • Appliances such as blender (non-essential)
  • Induction cooktop (essential)
  • All in one microwave, grill, and oven (essential)
  • Food processor with different shopping blades and attachments (non-essential)

The biggest difference between essential and non-essential items is that the former is a category of items without which you cannot imagine your daily routine at all. The non-essential items are the ones that do not make a noticeable difference in your quality of life.

It is vital to understand the difference between the two because by doing that you will be lightning the burden of the packers and movers on the moving day. You will also be reducing your packing and unpacking tasks significantly.

Hiring Professional Interstate Removalists For Sydney To Melbourne – The Rationale

There are a few very strong reasons to hire a professional removalist in Sydney to help you make this move faster and smoother. Let’s discover what they are:

  • Providing you with enough packing materials such as boxes, tapes, ropes, and the like
  • Transporting all your belongings to your new home without any hassle
  • The option of packing and unpacking service
  • The option of cleaning services
  • They also let you store your extra items when needed
  • Assistance with insurance for your belongings when in transit
  • They help you transport your pets, plants, and valuable items

Remember, interstate removalists can help you in several ways. They can take away a lot of your stress away, and make your life much simpler as you can see from the quick rationale above. The right packing and moving company can make this transition very easy on your body and mind.