How House Removalists are Growing the Moving Industry?


The COVID-19 pandemic witnessed a decline in the moving industry and the five-year span saw an average decrease in demands. However, recent trends in 2022 show signs of hope for the moving industry in Australia. An impending boom in the moving sector is expected due to high demands in urban areas such as Canberra, Sydney, and Melbourne.

The moving industry is expected to follow a gradual upward curve for the next five years. A market size as large as this ($2 billion), deserves a second chance – and the house removals scene in cities like Sydney is pushing it towards the next era. In fact, Australia is seeing a trend where people are moving away from urban areas towards more peaceful rural towns.

Regional Australia is welcoming more and more people which is putting a lot of extra work on house removalists in Sydney and Melbourne. 1 in 5 people in Sydney, for example, wants to move away to regional Australia for better living conditions. Since house removalists are only available in cities, interstate and intrastate movers in Sydney and Melbourne are reporting very high numbers after the pandemic.

What young Australia wants

Ambition is a part and parcel of youth and young Australians are more ambitious than they ever have been. 20% of people between 20 and 30 years old want to own a house in the near future. This number is partly due to the huge success of companies like Airbnb which have turned real estate into a revenue stream for everyone.

Affected by these factors and many more, house movers in Australia currently have more than 18,000 people employed in the sector. Of course, this number may include commercial movers as well.

House Removals Drives the Entire Industry

When we talk about the moving industry, it includes several different sectors – residential, commercial, and industrial. Australia is a developed country and all three sectors are doing well as compared to other countries in the region.

A numbers game

Although the ticket size is much larger for industrial and commercial removals, it is all about quantity in industries such as this. House removal demands are more frequent and more in number than an office removal query. This is why packers and movers generally tend to advertise their house removals process in urban areas where the population density is high. It is quite understandable because offices are fewer and tend to ‘move’ less often. House removals have even witnessed a drastic increase due to four simple reasons. People want to get away from:

  • Expensive cities.
  • Stress and anxiety.
  • Traffic and pollution.
  • High density areas because of COVID-19.

House Removalists Can Serve a Niche Market

Home movers also have the option of offering premium services as well. This gives them the bandwidth to experiment more in the market and to target people that are way out of the reach of commercial and industrial removalists. Premium services such as pet removals, antiques removals, deep house cleaning, valet services, etc. are only possible with a house removal. Especially in cities where the per capita income is high – places like Canberra, Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne – house removalists can offer these services at great prices. This option of exploring an untapped market gives home movers an edge over their commercial/corporate counterparts. The value that this adds to the moving industry is also a plus point for the entire scenario.

Home Removals are Easier to Pull off

Even if it is a villa with dozens of bedrooms, it cannot be as hard as moving an entire two-storey office. Well, this is why removals companies prefer to go towards the residential sector. Less investment is required by the removalists both in terms of time as well as in manpower. This excludes the investment in equipment and resources. A typical home removal can be done within a few hours. Compare this to moving an office building. Of course, as aforementioned, the ticket size is much less, but then again, the number of projects are what matter. House removals help drive the moving industry by serving a fairly easier sector where little investment is required.

A Downsizing Trend

Australia is currently in the middle of a ‘downsizing’ trend – want less, spend less. People want to declutter and move to smaller places where their necessities are fulfilled. This culture of being aware of the consequences that we as human beings have on the environment has positively affected the house removalist scene in Sydney. Also, the increase in real estate prices has driven people to go for smaller living spaces. The house moving scene has benefited greatly from this.

People Don’t Want to Move on Their Own

Australians are not lazy but moving is a task that human beings as a species hate a lot! They simply don’t want to do it – so they call for professional help. A job that could have been pulled off with some effort is now directed to building an industry – the moving industry. Again, the house removalist industry is the only sector that is influenced by this. No one can move an office or a manufacturing plant on their own. It is the choice of a renter of a studio apartment. Sydney and other cities are seeing this trend that people usually go for professional help during moving.


House removals are an integral part of the moving industry and cities like Sydney and Melbourne form a large chunk of areas where business flies in from. Perth is another industrial and commercial area where people tend to flock to for job opportunities. It is a symbiotic relationship between the commercial and residential sectors. People live where there is work for them. House removals and the moving industry in general benefit from this symbiotic relationship. In the Australian urban area, private residential houses rose by 16% and dwelling excluding houses rose by 78%. The close relationship between the two gives quite an insightful look into the future of the moving industry. With increasing real estate prices and demands, the moving industry is sure to follow.